How To Become A Secret Agent / Elite Penguin Force Agent

Penguin Secret Agent:

After you are 30 days old, Click on the Gold M at the upper right corner and select “Become Secret Agent”, then select the following answers for the questions that are asked. If you do this correctly, a secret agent spyphone will immediately be added to your inventory. This allows you to teleport to rooms and to the HQ! Heres the answers. The spy phone should appear in the bottom right of you player card. (Membership NOT required.)



2.Being mean or rude

3.Report them

4.Saying their address

5.I want to keep Club Penguin Safe

6.I want to help other penguins

Elite Penguin Force Agent:

Note: I was using my penguin Bladeed because I was having some problems with cornchop5000. But I fixed them, so no worry.

You can now become an official EFP agent. Heres what you have to do. First go on your spy phone and click “go there”:

Now all you have to do is complete some overly easy puzzles. So when the target appears in the spot I boxed, throw a snowball at it:

Next, walk onto the green sqaure:

Then you will be trapped and will have to get to the red square as fast as possible:

Next, you have to hide behind one of the columns before the 20 seconds are up:

Next, a cage trap will appear. Just stay where you are, don’t go into it, and you pass:

Once your done with all of that, walk into the elevator that appears:

And you will be taken to the brand new EPF command room:

Now you know how to become an official EPF agent. Good luck!


  1. Tim your my brother and
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    can be your author but I
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  2. Ok your my best friend too. (You already were though). But I know championMDF in real life and he’s one of my friends.

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